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Product Range

Communication Devices Inc (CDI) was incorporated in 1976 as a custom data-communications solutions provider for the newspaper and financial services industries. CDI equipment was installed in every major newspaper and radio station in the country for news and financial feeds. Through the early 80’s CDI developed and patented the only “modem vendor independent” network management system for large banks of dial modems. This network management tool was installed in major government agencies, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and financial institutions worldwide. The system was also licensed by the largest data-communications company in the world. CDI was awarded 3 patents on this product line.

Our Experience

Communication Devices Inc (CDI) began as an engineering company in 1976 which morphed into a product company in the early 90’s. It is for that reason that we are heavily populated with engineers on our staff. Over 30% of our workforce with over 150 years of engineering experience is used to develop solutions to solve complex problems efficiently.

The company is headed by an engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science which is where the emphasis on engineering and product solutions comes from.

CDI has a very low turnover in our workforce. It is typical that our average employee has been with the company at least 10 years. This is due to the great work atmosphere here that allows people to use their skills to develop products and solutions in an open-minded environment. Weekly engineering meeting are used to discuss any field problems as well as new product development going on in the company.

We have been in the trenches with our customers developing solutions since 1976. From the wire news service industry, to the financial industry, and then to Secure Out of Band Management. The strength of any small company is it’s ability to adapt to changes quickly in the industry and to capitalize on overlooked problems when they are encountered. That is one of our strengths.

The company started out in a modified garage in South Hackensack, NJ, later moved to a vacant bowling alley in Clifton, NJ in the middle 80’s and then graduated to a state of the art modern facility in Boonton, NJ in 2008. This growth pattern reflects the attitude of management providing a proper atmosphere for development by our engineers and production by our production staff.

And we are not done yet!

Our Team Members

Tadhg Kelly

President & CEO

Tadhg Kelly serves as president and CEO for Communication Devices Inc. Mr. Kelly has over 30 years experience at the company from Engineering,  Sales, and the executive office. Tadhg holds a BS degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Fairleigh Dickenson University along with completing numerous post graduate courses in business, management, and computer science.

Adam Cady

Sales Engineer & Business Development

Adam Cady runs Sales Engineering and joined the US team in 2012. With over 20 years of experience working in the network infrastructure and Professional Services industries. Adam is responsible for the management of existing and new business partners, as well as business development of cellular enabled products.  Adam has held business development positions with strategic network and managed services…

The Advisory Board

William “Bill” Davidson Jr.

joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES in August, 2014 as senior vice president and chief administrative officer (CAO), leading the Human Resources, IT, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Government Relations, Risk Management, Sustainability and Real Estate organizations.

William F. Burke, Jr.

CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Registered Principal, RJFS Bill specializes in providing investment advisory services to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. With over 30 years of experience as a financial services professional…

Thomas M. Murphy Esq.

Cornell University BS 1980 Industrial and Labor Relations Rutgers Law School JD 1987

CDI holds several patents and certifications in this field and has positioned itself as the leader in the industry. The company has built strong relationships with the top U.S. carriers and managed service provider’s which cements that position.

Our Partners

CDI has developed relationships with industry leaders in the Managed Services Provider space.
The MSP’s have standardized on CDI for secure out of band management.

CDI Protecting the Environment

All our packaging is cardboard and 100 percent recyclable. We separate all waste to reduce landfill contents and have a large containers for all packaging material to be placed outside. We have converted all of our office space, warehouse space and Parking lot lights to high efficiency LED fixtures. We are working with a third party to have solar energy on our property. This will generate electricity for our needs and the surplus will be sent back to the grid. Our power supplies are all high efficiency switching supplies. our products eliminate the need for technicians to travel to remote sites to restore them saving file costs.