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With over 25 years of Out-of-Band Management experience, CDI offers a wide range of OOB options to suit your requirements and budget.  CDI is consistently pushing the bounds of secure Out of Band Management, with software and tools to keep your network up and running.

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CDI has been addressing the needs of government security for over a decade.  Our legacy products are FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2 validated. All our newer PA100 series products are FIPS 140-2 validated to level 3 for most parts of the security policy. The PA100 series are also FISMA compliant which is also mandated for government network installations. Our products are installed in virtually every major Federal Network and have been recognized as the de facto leader in government level secure out of band management.

CDI has brought our legacy of outstanding high secure Out of band management devices to the commercial sector with the advent of the PA200 series. This series was designed from the ground up for the commercial marketplace by providing Two Factor authentication along with optional encryption to address PCI compliance and corporate liability. This is the most cost effective solution for these features available in the marketplace today. CDI still remains the only vendor to offer full two factor authentication even without a network connection in operation.

CDI products are designed with the Managed Service Provider in mind. The OBM software allows multiple customer networks to be added to the system any provisioned individually with secure access granulated by engineer to each customer network. A single set of client devices can be used to manage many customer networks or client devices can be “dedicated” to each customer. It is important for the MSP to ensure that they are installing the most secure solution available to them for liability protection in the event of a network compromise. CDI device meet the requirements for PCI in the commercial marketplace and FISMA in the federal marketplace. Whatever you customer base, CDI has a solution for their Secure Out of Band Management needs.

There are many different options for placement of Secure Out of Band Management Appliances at remote sites.

They can be connected by:

  1. Network and modem
  2. Modem only
  3. Network only

There are pro’s and con’s for each type of placement. CDI equipment is made to handle any type of installation.

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