How do I select which Power Control Module to use?

First determine how much current ( IN AMPS) that your connect device draws. This can be found in the manual or on the product itself.

Another way to measure current is through POWER or WATTS. for a 110 Volt device , devide the WATTS by 110 to get the current (AMPS). For a 230 volt device, divide the WATTS by 230  to get the current in AMPS.

CDI power control devices come in 10AMP and 20AMP models. You also need to know the VOLTAGE as the external Power control modules use different parts numbers based on the voltage.

Keep in mind that our 10 AMP and 20AMP models use a different size IEC connector. Take a look at you power cord for your existing device. If it is using a C13 connector it is under 10AMPs. If it is using the large square C19 connector it is over 10 amps and should use our 20 AMP models.

If you are using the INTERNAL POWER CONTROL on a PA244x or PA288x then you can use ANY voltage.

Contact CDI support and they would be glad to help you determine which , and how many PCM’s to select for your application.