VoIP Software

The VoIP Modem Server “VMS” is a VoIP-based on-prem or SsaS offering, designed to eliminate costly Analog PSTN lines for outbound dialing. VMS is a great alternative to End of Life RAS hardware from Cisco. VMS software
is fully based on a telco-grade architecture and uses the latest distributed processing techniques. VMS modems are soft and do not rely on hardware which may become obsolete. Several of the largest global telco’s have transitioned from legacy analog- based RAS solutions, to the VMS platform, surpassing analog-based connections efficiency with the soft modems. VMS is available for both Commercial and Federal Government applications with
CDI providing a turnkey solutions including professional services for system tuning. The VMS will seamlessly integrate with our Out of Band Management system for PSTN, LTE, or Internet OOB.

The IP RAS supports the follow modem protocols and can be scaled from One (1) channel, up to hundreds (100’s) of soft modems.

  • Elimination of Analog lines
  • Elimination of T1 lines
  • Uses a SIP Circuit
  • Looks similar to existing CISCO T1 solutions which are EOL
  • Saas or on Prem
  • CLOUD Offering

The VMS supports the following on a per channel basis:

  • V.90 Server at 28000 to 56000 bps
  • V.34 at 4800 to 33600 bps
  • V.32bis/V.32 at 4800 to 14400 bps
  • V.22bis at 2400 bps
  • V.22/Bell 212 at 1200 bps
  • V.23/Bell 202 at 1200/75
  • V.21/Bell 103 at 300 bps
  • V.42 LAPM error correction
  • V.42bis BTLZ compression
  • V.44 Data compression
  • MNP 2-4 error correction
  • MNP 5 compression
  • Diagnostic support for modem MIB
  • V.59 modem diagnostic/status software

The VOIP server operates on the principals of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies. It is required that the provider supports G.711 μ-law or A-law. It is also required, for V.32 speeds and above, that the provider either does not perform echo cancelation or that the echo cancellers are properly disabled when modem tones are detected.