Port Authority 88

Port Authority 88


This product is being replaced by the PA-199 Encrypted console port access to 8 host ports and 8 power reset ports over the network or dial-up regardless of the status of the network.

This is a secure switch that provides access to up to eight ports as well as power control reset of up to eight devices, all from a single modem or network connection. The Port Authority incorporates all the features of the UniGuard while adding multiple port access and power reboot functions. Port access and power control can be limited on a per user basis based on the security credentials of the remote user. The internal database has a capacity of up to 150 users and can be managed by the DDM manager and can work alongside UniGuard’s . Each user can be assigned access to any or all of the eight device ports. The unit contains an internal V.34 modem and has full encryption capability with the UniGuard Client. Add IP option for Real Time Management and reporting!

Below is the list of some important features of Port Authority 88:

  • Internal V.90 modem
  • Optional IP network interface for Hardware 3DES/AES telnet access
  • Access from 1 to 8 Data Ports @115.2KB plus 8 Power Reset Ports
  • RSA SecurID ready
  • Power boot remote equipment from your desktop securely!
  • Self-contained database (unlike RADIUS & TACACS)
  • Two (2) Factor Authentication with AES/DES Encryption
  • Five (5) types of Tokens
  • AES/3DES full encryption with UniGuard Client and SSE
  • Fully managed by the DDM, NT based Manager
  • Compatible with CDI UniGuard , and Secure Session Encryptor
  • Cabling Options for ease of bulk installs
  • Network version provides real time management of device and connected devices, Syslog, Telco availability, hardware encrypted network access.
  • PA-88 AES

    Port Authority-88 includes Advance Encryption Standards. Secure remote access switch with built-in modem and 8 host ports. Optional 8 power modules can be attached for remote power reset of network elements. All security features of the UniGuard are supported. Can be managed by DDM. Triple-Des compatible.l

  • PA-88 AES-100IP

    Port Authority-88 plus Advance Encryption Standards with IP option installed. Allows telnet access to ports and in band management by DDM. Triple-Des compatible.

  • Encrypted Speed

    Up to 57.6k Baud AES Cipher Feedback

  • Clear Text Speed

    Up to 115.2k Baud Clear text

  • Cryptographics

    AES Self-Synchronizing 8-bit Cipher Feedback 128 bit (std.) 192 bit & 256 bit available. Unique key generated for each session. Automatic Generation and Distribution of Session Keys.

  • Standards Compliance

    FIPS 197, FIPS 140-2, FIPS 81, FIPS 74, FIPS 46-3 FCC part 68, FCC Part 15, CE, VDE, UL6950 V92

  • Internal Battery

    Maintains Set-up parameters and Keys in RAM

  • Tamper Switches

    Erases Keys and all data in RAM if unit is opened or tampered.

  • Interface

    Network – 10BaseT RJ45, Telco – RJ11, Serial – RJ45 (9 = 8 host + 1 console) Power Control – RJ11 (9) to interface power control Modules. Serial adapters provided for DB9. Application Specific cables available for connection to popular networking equipment.

  • Power Supply

    US – Input 110VAC 60Hz Output 18VAC CT 25W max. Global- IN 110-240VAC 50/60Hz Out 12VDC 25W max Country specific power cord provided

    Size: H= 1.75in(4.5cm) W= 19in(48.5cm) L= 8in(20cm). Standard 19inch Rack Mount

  • Environmental

    Temperature range 0º- 70ºC (32º – 158ºF); Humidity range 20-90% (non-condensing).