PCM 621

PCM 621

Terminal Blocks 10 Amp Each

The Power Control Module “PCM621” amp is a quad DC power relay designed to work in conjunction with any Serial interface, However the device has additional features when used with a CDI Secure Out of Band Management device. The purpose of the device is to remotely power reset DC devices that are in a “locked up” condition.

The PCM621 will interrupt the power to a connected device when it is commanded to “switch off” the power relay to that particular output connector. The PCM621 can “reboot” the connected device by interrupting the power for a few seconds, or it can turn off the device off for longer periods of time.

DC SERIAL Power Control Module Remotely Power Cycle DC Equipment with SERIAL Commands.

Below is the list of some important features of PCM 621:

  • Serial Control
  • Daisy Chain Multiple units
  • Four Devices
  • 5VDC ~48VDC 10 AMP
  • “Always On” Default
  • LED status indicator
  • 1 Screw-less Terminals
  • 4 x Terminal Blocks
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Rackmount 701 with 2 PCM621 devices
  • Link Devices with Serial connection for More BC Terminal Blocks
  • 110/240VAC 10 AMP
  • Dimensions

    w 8.5” d 3.1” h 1.7”

  • Weight

    2.5 Lbs

  • Part #

    PCM 621

  • Retainer Clips with Tie Wraps