Enterprise Software

The CDI Out of Band Manager (OBM) is a central database manager for CDI, and non-CDI, Out of Band Management devices. The windows based software can Manage, Monitor, Control, and Connect, to thousands of CDI and non-CDI devices via SSH, Encrypted Network, Encrypted Dial- up, or GPRS cellular. The system uses role based security credentials to granulate “who has access to what” in the database and to separate job functions from security administrators through operations engineers, to vendor access.

Terminal Access is accomplished through the GUI interface. When an operator double clicks on a device, they are prompted with a connection preference (SSH, Encrypted Network, Encrypted Dial-up, or GPRS cellular) and then connected to the remote device through that interface. The operator can be authenticated in a number of ways and Encrypted using up to 256 bit AES CFB encryption.

Security administrators can access the database through client software and add, delete or change credentials for users, devices, or system settings. All access is role based so only those functions granted to that operator are allowed to be performed. All other functions are hidden from that operator.

Day to day NOC engineers, external vendors, off-site personnel, and/or MSP personnel can access the database simultaneously for GUI based connection to remote devices. Each engineer is only allowed access to devices and functions defined in their profile. A simple point and click interface provides ease of access via, SSH, Encrypted Network, Encrypted Dialup, Secure Dial-up, or GPRS cellular to remote devices in the system. The software allows access to non-CDI devices as well through the same GUI interface.

All terminal keystrokes are logged to the database and all activity is monitored and recorded. A full audit is also stored and can be exported to many popular report formats. Syslog and SNMP messages can be sent to other management systems for even greater central monitoring.