What Made in the USA Means To Me

I love the summer; however my reasons for the feeling have changed over the years.  Today I equate summer with slowing down a little to take time to enjoy friends and family.  Living in the Northeast US, the summer for me embodies Americana; that feeling of a pride and gratefulness for Little League baseball, farm stands, and long days.

As I take the time to reflect about the good things, I’m stuck by how much community plays a roll in my life, it’s really important.  Community to me is a connection to where I live and work; that feeling of being, “neighborly”; it’s a feeling that develops as I mature.

We all purchase things based on the three fundamental buying criteria- product, price, and quality (or service).  Price is typically the biggest qualifying factor to start the transactional procedure, but the quality of the item and specifically where it comes from matters more to me now than ever.  I have noticed (as I get more grey hairs) that I oftentimes base my purchasing decision more upon, what’s the right way to buy things.  .

I personally like to buy things that support my community when I have a decision to make.  I like things that are built locally; I simply know it’s a sign of quality.  Like all people living in the United States I buy things everyday from global points of origination, but given the choice I buy things built in the USA; it’s not a head-in-the-sand nationalism, for me it’s informed, a deliberate sign of quality. What’s interesting about this is that Built in America has economic appeal as well, as Paul Ashworth writes, “The offshoring boom,…, “does appear to have largely run its course.”  (full article here)

I own a passport and have traveled extensively.  I always like that sense when I’m entering a US airport when the passport agent says, “welcome home”.  That feeling of connection and pride for home is truly universal.

Author: Adam Cady

About CDI

Headquartered in Boonton, NJ, CDI designs, builds, and supports a full line of Secure Out-of-Band Management equipment in our US factory; all products are Built in America.  Cellular wireless terminal servers are available in a variety of configurations; all products feature “network independent” security.  FIPS 140-2 lab validated, and full PCI-compliant products are available for global export.