Swiss Army Network Tool

So, I’m getting older; it always kind of amazes me when I bring up a reference from what seems like yesterday (is probably 20 years ago) and my kids have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with a Swiss Army Knife, good for you- your best years are still to come.  Conversely, if you remember a time when everyone had one of these tools, stick with me.   I fondly remember getting this knife as a gift for Christmas when I was a little guy.  Nothing better than a knife with a giant nail file, magnifying glass, and weeny saw for life in the suburbs, right?  Realistically though, these things were designed to managing emergency situations, kind of like real-life Bear Grylls. 

You may be asking yourself- how can CDI help you become an outdoor survivalist?  Well…we can’t.  However, CDI can help you solve configuration issues with remote routers, switches, and firewalls- aka Out-of-Band Management.

Historically, true “Out of Band” Management was always accomplished with a simple analog POTS line.  The circuits worked (when available) and were relatively inexpensive.  The complications included disconnects, availability and End-of-Life/Support for the circuit.

Enter LTE Out-of-Band into the marketplace.  Just as our iPhone/Android has replaced the hardline, this looked by all accounts to be the technology- faster, cheaper, and always available, right?  But alas, your LTE Out-of-Band Management connection is based on signal strength.  Sometimes your network gear is in a location that simply can’t catch any signal.  LTE Out-of-Band usually requires a site visit to test RSSI and dBm levels.

Today we’ve got you covered- CDI offers a secure Out-of-Band Management appliance- Tri-Axxess -which essentially guarantee you access to all your remote network locations.  Akin to a Swiss Army knife, the device provides Network + LTE + Analog OOB access combined with Power Control.  Built for remote reconfiguration and restarting your core network gear.  

CDI provides the Tri-Axxess pre-lit on private network connections with global LTE providers. Conveniently packaged in a 1U footprint the Tri-Axxess appliance is built in the USA and backed by over forty years of industry experience.

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