M2M Two-Factor Authentication @ 30,000 Feet

One of the greatest benefits of the proliferation of Machine-to-Machine applications is the flexibility granted to the user.  It has become commonplace to bank, chat, and even set the DVR from your Smartphone, but did you know you can also securely manage your Out-of-Band network from a Smart device?

We’ve written on several different occasions that the use of security validation, outside the domain of the primary network is critical to Out-of-Band access to remote sites. Never has this been more critical than while utilizing cellular wireless connectivity.

A key to, and often the first point of resistance to cellular wireless M2M applications is security.  Its commonplace for the carrier to secure a portion of the path in the M2M continuum, but not a given to have full end-to-end hardened security.

CDI has solved M2M Out-of-Band security by embedding two-factor authentication into the devices.  Now, wherever a systems engineer has access to Wi-Fi, a secure two factor session can be created between a Laptop or Smart device and a router, switch, or firewall.  You can literally satisfy PCI requirements for two-factor authentication and restart your router, or reconfigure your firewall, while sipping a beverage on a Wi-Fi enabled flight.