EOL Cisco Catalyst: Out of Band Management and Serial Console

Each year in early summer, we load up and head to Cisco Live.  If you haven’t been, the event is massive and it’s a great time to meet with business partners and subject matter experts alike.  Along with being a great venue to see clients, attending the Cisco Live show provides a great feedback loop, allowing CDI to develop our products and tailor the design to what’s pertinent to the industries requirements.

A few things that have been common topics of conversation over the past few years is migration away from older technologies and working towards a more software defined/shared compute environment.  To this end, CDI has been steadily developing products that provider serial console access via more efficient delivery mechanism, including LTE cellular wireless and software-based VoIP telco access.

Another product option developed from past customer interactions, ties back into the data center model.  In keeping with the on-demand nature of computing, more and more Cisco devices need to be accessible in the data center, which is why we’ve introduced a line of high-density boxes, see: Products PA216-228 For Commercial

If you’re using an End-of-Life Cisco Catalyst device for serial console access, and are looking for alternatives, CDI may be a good option for you.  CDI builds a wide array of Out-of-Band Management devices with impeccable security, a variety of connection methods, and a 40-year industry legacy of success.