Cellular POTS Replacement

As the Federal Marketplace continues to evolve, a couple of things have remained constant in dealing with managing core networks for Federal clients; Price and Security are keys to attaining customer success.

To respond to Federal market requests, equipment manufacturers have developed cellular wireless (M2M) solutions for managing core network assets Out-of-Band (OOB).  The mindshare behind this evolution is that since OOB access is infrequently used by definition, the wireless connection may well provide substantial price benefits to the user over implementing a traditional POTS-centric network for remote access.

When considering a move to an M2M OOB solution, it is important to consider the following:

  • RF Signal Quality – Can you reach all assets at all locations via cellular wireless?
  • Flexibility of Solution – Building upon the former question, if you cannot get a quality signal at a (or several) location(s), what is the, “Plan-B”?
  • Management Tools – Does the solution provide a framework to run the system?  Are you beholden to the management system or can existing methodologies operate the OOB tools?

At the request of several Federal Agencies, CDI produces a suite of products providing Secure Out-of-Band over a cellular wireless connection.  The products can be run on the wireless networks of: AT&T, Sprint, and, Verizon.  CDI M2M products are designed to interoperate between coordinated cellular wireless and POTS-based equipment, ensuring that wireless network signal be a non-issue for implementations.  In addition to hardware flexibility, the solution can be run via a furnished GUI management suite, or via any existing SSH tools.

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