CDI To Showcase Secure Out-of-Band Network Device Management

Communication Devices, Inc. (CDI) will be sponsoring Cisco Live 2015 next month in San Diego, demonstrating advances in Out-of-Band Management using cellular wireless connectivity and industry-leading security.

How do you manage remote network devices when your network fails? What are the costs of network downtime and recovery?

A topic of focus for show attendees this year will be how to manage routers, firewalls and other network devices without sacrificing SECURE ACCESS in the event of network failure. The proliferation of connected devices creates unique challenges for business and government organizations to address, including rock-solid security and consistent coverage.

CDI will be focusing conversations around how Cisco customers can protect their investments by building secure out-of-band links to all appliances. With newer forms of network connection, network managers and security administrators will demand two-factor authentication and encryption to the console port in mission-critical network devices.

Another topic of discussion will be weighing the value and convenience of traditional connection methods (such as analog infrastructure) vs. the value and convenience of cellular technologies. In assisting large corporations and service providers over many years, CDI is poised to answer questions about the benefits and challenges of moving to a modern and secure management platform.

Cisco Live 2015 promises to be a terrific forum for IT managers and network engineers.

To meet with CDI at the event, please contact us directly via Click here