CDI Releases Commercial Product Line

The PA200 series was designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of security at the most efficient price point. Feature rich, Strong, two factor authentication, and AES 128 bit electronic codebook encryption, are the optimum solution for commercial applications.

All network-enabled devices have a serial console port that allows engineers root level access to correct problems, called a CONSOLE port. CDI provides multiple paths to this console port to allow secure engineer access. These paths are secured by “Tokenless two factor” or RSA two-factor authentication.

  1. One Port PA211
  2. Two Port PA222
  3. Four Port PA244
  4. Eight Port PA288
  5. Four Port with 4 Power Outlets PA244x

MultiPath access includes:

  • Network Access – CDI provides an in-band network port that will authenticate regardless of the status of the network to allow engineers access to the console port for corrective action. The device creates an encrypted side channel in the primary network for access. It is typically the least expensive solution as the network is already present, but can be problematic if the problem is the network itself.
  • Telco Circuit Access – The phone circuit provides a true secondary path that is always accessible regardless of the status of the network. This is the most reliable access.
  • GPRS Cellular Access – The increasingly popular and cost-effective Cellular GPRS network gains fixed IP access to the CDI device. The downside is signal quality which must be site checked before deployment.
  • Power Control Access – CDI provides remote power reboot of locked-up equipment via a power control module that can be connected to any CDI Secure Out of Band Management devices. The PCM allows toggle of power to 110/240vac devices up to 20 AMP.
  • Built in Power Control Outlets on the PA244x

Product Line Features:

  • Cost defective for commercial applications
  • Multi session SSH network access.
  • “Tokenless” two factor authentication
  • Multi session Telnet access
  • Syslog
  • SNMP
  • Heart beat
  • Real Time Telco Status
  • Real Time connected signal status
  • Keystroke logging
  • Central SQL management of all devices and ports
  • Central SQL Terminal Emulation Access with SSH
  • Encrypted Analog Modem access (exportable)
  • Encrypted GPRS Cellular data access (exportable)
  • Encrypted Network Access (exportable)
  • Power reset on up to 8 devices
  • Console access to up to 8 devices