A Message From Our CEO

I write this message from my home office with the sound of a generator humming in the background and the sights of leaning trees on power lines in the distance. I have been one of the lucky ones. We had no damage to our home and have a backup generator as we are in a rural area.

My first thoughts are to all the families who lost loved ones and/or complete loss of property during this disaster. This was a huge event and has had dramatic effects on the New Jersey area.

CDI had complete loss of power from Monday night October 29th around 8PM, till Saturday Morning November 3rd around 10am. Anticipating this, we brought down all our servers and network gracefully on Monday around noon. Our telephone lines were forwarded to cell phones and our email servers are located in disaster recovery sites that we all had access to. It is a testimony to our employees that we remained functional during this crisis. All of our employees lost power and had storm damage during the week. They were able to deal with, clearing trees to get out of their streets, children being home from school, relatives moving in, fueling generators (hunting for gas), or keeping a fire going for warmth. They still found time to answer phone calls, handle support tickets, communicate with each other, and keep our valued customers informed. I sincerely appreciate the effort put forth by our team although I knew to expect nothing less. In times of adversity this team always steps up. Thank you.

We will open up on Monday November 5th where I know a lot of our people will be happy to see each other and to get a break from “cabin fever” holding down their homes.

I want to thank all our loyal customers for working with us through this crisis and for all your concerns about the status of our employees during the week.

We remember that even though we are back up, there are still many in south Jersey and Staten Island that are knee deep in muck, cold, and despair and will donate whatever is needed to help these communities recover.


Tadhg Kelly

Chief Executive Officer