Communication Devices Inc (CDI) began as an engineering company in 1976 which morphed into a product company in the early 90’s. It is for that reason that we are heavily populated with engineers on our staff. Over 30% of our workforce with over 150 years of engineering experience is used to develop solutions to solve complex problems in an efficient way.

The company is headed by an engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science which is where the emphasis on engineering and product solutions comes from.

CDI has a very low turnover in our workforce. It is typical that our average employee has been with the company at least 10 years. This is due to the great work atmosphere here that allows people to use their skills to develop products and solutions in an open minded environment. Weekly engineering meeting are used to discuss any field problems as well as new product development going on in the company.

We have been in the trenches with our customers developing solutions since 1976. From the wire news service industry, to the financial industry, and then to Secure Out of Band Management. The strength of any small company is it’s ability to adapt to changes quickly in the industry and to capitalize on overlooked problems when they are encountered. That is one of our strengths.

The company started out in a modified garage in South Hackensack, NJ, later moved to a vacant bowling alley in Clifton, NJ in the middle 80’s and then graduated to a state of the art modern facility in Boonton, NJ in 2008. This growth pattern reflects the attitude of management providing a proper atmosphere for development by our engineers and production by our production staff.

And we are not done yet!