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The Case for Secure Out of Band Management
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Out of Band Management needs to be addressed by any network architect who is designing a geographically distributed network that has any level of importance to the owner of the network. It also needs to be addressed by the group that will be managing that network along with what the expected Service Level Agreement is.
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Urban Legends of Secure Out of Band Management
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Secure Out of Band Management is a niche market that has attracted several “fringe” players recently. Their understanding of what is required for true Out of Band Management is suspect, and, in fact, can mislead a client into purchasing a product that does not perform as required.
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Secure Out of Band for Remote Network Rollouts
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When rolling out a new distributed network, one of the major misunderstandings is assigning network IP address to each device. Because devices are being installed on remote networks and do not have access to a common DHCP server, they cannot utilize DHCP address assigning.
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