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FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2
Several of CDI products have been validated by a NIST accredited NVLAP lab to be in compliance with either FIPS 140-1 or FIPS 140-2. This is costly and time consuming process that ensures the products are designed and built to the proper standards. Note that FISMA requires the product itself to be submitted to NIST and will not accept a third party "module" solution.

FIPS 140-1

UniGuard - 2002

FIPS 140-2

Port Authority-44 - 2005
Port Authority-88 -  2005
Port Authority-111 - 2011
Port Authority-155 - 2011
Port Authority-199 - 2011


CDI products have the unique ability to validate an RSA SecurID token without contacting an ACE Server. The SecurID code is right on our device. All the devices have been certified by RSA to be in compliance with their RSA SecurID token. CDI is the only vendor to offer the RSA SecurID token embedded directly in our products.



All of CDI current products that contain a microprocessor and/or an internal modem are tested and validated for the following regulatory standards.

EU/EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

EN55022  -Radiated Emissions, -Conducted Emissions, -Telecom Line Conducted Emissions.
EN61000-3-2: Harmonics
EN61000-3-3: Flicker
EN55024: -ESD, -Radiated Immunity, -Electrical Fast Transients,
-Surges, -Conducted Immunity, -Voltage Dips and Interruptions


FCC- Part15 Radiated and Conducted Emission
FCC- Part68 Telecommunications

Industry Canada


CDI uses an OEM internal modem that has been approved in virtually every country in the world for connection to the local telecommunications network.


All of CDI current products are tested and validated for the following safety standards:

United States / MET NRTL Mark

EN60950-1    Safety of Information Technology Equipment

Canada / MET “c” Mark

CSA C22.2  No 60950-1, Safety of Information Technology Equipment

European Union

EN60950-1  Safety of Information Technology Equipment

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